Hir Group

Alpha Adhesive

HIR Alpha, Tile Adhesive for laying new tile on old tile floor

Application Recommended Size
Tile on tile
Any Size 800x800mm, 1000x1000mm, 1200x2400mm
Tiles on Floor
Any Size 800x800mm,1000x1000mm, 1200x2400mm
Tiles on Wall
600X600mm Porcelain Tiles
Cement and Plaster
0.54kg/Sq.Ft/3mm Thickness*

HIR Alpha: C1TE category tile adhesive

What makes a home extraordinary? Is it the beautiful furniture or the lustrous paint? Well, it is the strength in the foundations of the home that makes it stand out. A home becomes an exceptional piece of investment when the money is used in strengthening its core. An important beautification tool used in homes is the tiles. Floor tiles, wall tiles, bathroom tiles, and similar others enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. The different colour and design range of the tiles used at home makes it way more attractive and strong. It is critically important to choose the best tile adhesive at your home.

HIR product Tiles adhesive, Alpha is one of the best tiles adhesive used in interior and exterior locations. This adhesive possesses extraordinary features. It can be applied on cement and plaster surfaces. This tile adhesive is designed to fix new tiles on existing old tile floor, no need to remove old tiles just roughen the surface and remove debris and you are good to go. Our high end basic grade HIR Alpha tile adhesive is so strong that one can fix 2 ft x 2 ft tiles even on wall. A 20 kg pack is available for fixing the tiles on the floor and on the walls. It provides a coverage of 0.54kg/Sq.Mtr/mm thickness.The product is bound to leave your guests impressed!

The feature that makes it the perfect choice for fixing the tiles at different home locations is that it is user-friendly. It can be easily mixed and made. It leaves the surface clean and tidy. It is made with 100% silica-based mortar. It uses the polymer-modified gel-based technology inherited from Germany and America. The self-curing property makes it a durable product. It doesn’t require any extra cement or material and leaves the tiles area strongly bonded to the surface of attachment. A very economical product that significantly reduces the cost of labour.

So, what are you waiting for? The exceptional features of this product make it perfect for home decorations and for placing tiles. The satisfying product quality and ingredients make it a great choice for interior and exterior work.