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HIR brings you one of the most exceptional products called the “Crack Lock”. This one of its kind of products is available in paste and persists a sense of flexibility, so your walls don’t crack from any angle. The white crack filler is an acrylic polymer made using acrylic emulsion polymer. One of the unique aspects of this stunning Crack Lock is its versatility. The UV-resistant crack protector can match any colour you like.

The filler ensures a high rate of sturdiness and further promotes flexibility. It will allow you to attain greater success when the builder will fill crack lock paste that acts as the filler compound and further tap on the joint compound. The product has several features, including,

1. Non-Toxic : While being UV resistant, the HIR Crack Lock is fully non-toxic. It has superior adhesion and works perfectly for ready to use single components.

2. Strength and Breathability : The HIR crack-lock is highly flexural and offers tensile strength to further help you get rid of scaling and peeling. This paste is based on ideal technology that works better than other outdated methods to repair cracks.

3. Paintable & Better Elongation : Crack Lock by HIR gives greater elongation and besides that, its versatility makes it paintable. No matter what colour paint you have, the filling paste will take care of it.

Application of the Product
The HIR Crack Lock works for several applications. These could be masonry, swimming pools, bridges, concrete slabs and poured walls. Overall, you could simply use the putty method to apply this paste in areas for internal crack repairs, external crack repairs, and hairline crack repairs. Considering the external crack repairs, the crack should be up to 3 mm in width. Hairline crack repairs are required to be painted for overcoming internal water leakage. So, if you are looking for a sustainable option for your cracked walls, then HIR Crack Lock is right there for you!

Application (sandwich structure only)
Interior and exterior wall
Aluminium, wood, steel, iron, etc
Tiles or china mosaic
Coverage :
300 sq. ft/15 kg /1 mm/ 2coats*
Colour :
white or grey
Pack :
5liter + 10kg / in multiplications


Aesthetic Look

Hairline Cracks Repair-No Extra Treatment

Light Weight-Good For Any Construction

UV Stable-Better Performance

Waterproof-More Life