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A primer is necessary before you go ahead with your painting. HIR Damp X is what you need to prevent dampness in your buildings and homes. We have created a fibre reinforced elastomeric liquid used on the membrane for waterproofing. Despite its absolute use in the process of waterproofing, the HIR Damp X has features to avert corrosion as well. The solution is created with chosen elastomeric along with resilience-based acrylic polymers that further reinforce synthetic fibres. While curing, the solution concentrates a seamless, thick and durable membrane to achieve greater waterproofing.

Water-Proofing: The exclusive HIR Damp X has exclusive protection against 7 bars of hydrostatic pressure. The elastomeric properties also enable the product to deliver crack-bridging ability

2. Heat Reduction of the Surface: With high sheen, HIR Damp x is available in excellent while hue along with robust coat to reflect high temperature.

3. Mechanical Potential: Our HIR Damp x is equipped with glass fibres that take care of abrasion resistance.

4. Excellent Adhesion: The HIR Damp X persists robust adhesion over masonry substrates. Your walls are perfectly secured against any kind of loosening.

Application of the Product
Several areas of applications include exterior sidewalls and Chajjas. These areas are suited for the application of HIR DampX for waterproofing. Other spaces include sunshades and parapets for rectifying the damp patches on these regions. Some different areas of application include exterior vertical walls concerning waterproof treatment. The HIR Damp X is effective in use across intense wire-brushing along with water jet with expedited speed. Some cautions include checking the substrate for its agility via a small hammer. Our HIR Crack Lock further helps to enhance the use of HIR Damp X in sealing all the cracks. This amazing product comes in single packaging and further ease in re-coating. The coverage is available over 300 square feet with two coats.

Coverage :
400 sq. ft/ 10liter /100 microns/ 2 coats*
Colour :
Pack :
10 liter / 20 liter


Aesthetic Look

Hairline Cracks Repair-No Extra Treatment

Light Weight-Good For Any Construction

UV Stable-Better Performance

Waterproof-More Life