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Delta+ Adhesive

Setting up a home of dreams is the dream of every man on earth. But it takes a lifetime to build the ultimate home with the perfect construction items. It takes years to decide on the planned home structure. Then it takes much time in collaborating with the allies to construct a Home. But the most important factor overlooked by the homeowners is the quality of the products. Among various beautification products such as marbles and ceramics, tiles play an essential role too. It is the first item looked upon while walking around the home. Therefore, picking the right tile adhesive is also tricky.

The HIR tile adhesive product named Delta+ is an excellent quality product to be used in tile fixing at home or offices. This adhesive has amazing and better properties that enable home beautification. It comes in two colours, grey adhesive of 5 L and white adhesive of 20 KG capacity. A user-friendly product that can easily fix the tiles to a surface. It provides a coverage of 0.495kg/Sq.Mtr/mm thickness. Don’t miss out on this all-rounder product for smooth tile texture. Apply on interiors or exteriors and make your personal space attractive.

Delta+ by HIR is made with 100% silica-based mortar which is based on German and American technology. This international property makes it a worthy investment product. Delta+ adhesive has a strong self-curing property. No additional or mixing items such as cement or sand is required. Works perfectly fine on any surface such as steel, plywood, cement, or plaster. In addition to that, it eliminates the labour cost for fixing the tiles.

Make the wisest decision of buying such an extraordinary tile adhesive Delta+ product. The uniformity exhibited on the surface of its application shall leave you and your guests surprised.

Application Recommended Size
Tile on tile
Any Size 800x800mm, 1000x1000mm, 1200x2400mm
Tiles on Floor
Any Size 800x800mm, 1000x1000mm, 1200x2400mm
Tiles on Wall
Any Size 1600X3200mm Large format Tiles and Marble
Any Size 1200X3200mm Large format Tiles and Marble
Cement, Plaster, Steel and Plywood
0.495 Kg/Sq.Mtr3/mm Thickness*
Grey & White
20kg + 5LTR