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The HIR Heat X is the result of our Ecological approach towards protecting the construction and environment simultaneously. We aim to build sustainable products that encompass varied features. Our Heat X is applied on the base coat in the areas with higher foot traffic areas concerning the use during waterproofing and a further reduction in the temperature. Places like balconies, terraces and other tourist places including walkway paths have a high level of implementation of this product as, during summer, the heat in these places could go beyond 20 degrees C than the atmospheric temperature.

With exceptional heat-resistance features, the HIR Heat X can easily get accommodated on the curved surface. Furthermore, the product is suited for application on tiles or china mosaic surfaces. HIR Heat X solves water leakage problems without removing old tiles or flooring. Only condition is surface should strong enough, no water pounding and no oil, moist. While perfectly suited for the reduction of the temperature, this ecological product has a lower rate of carbon emission. Besides, it can take care of cracks in bridging the property and has anti-dirt pick features.

So if you have terrace leakages, no need to remove old tiles or china mosaic HIR Heat X is light weight with strong bonding property and one can further do construction on this Heat X surface.

1. Quick Bonding: Our product gets quickly attached to the surface. This fast bonding property ensures grip and further resists any kind of spring-back action. It can be even suited for complicated designs while undergoing vertical application.

2. Inside Laminations: The Heat X has one of the best utilities for interior laminate surfaces. It could be in the interiors of your mobile modular homes. With the least constant pressure, the HIR Heat X persists masking tape for extensive usage.

3. Waterproofing Guaranteed: Right surface preparation and correct application gives you minimum of 7 years of product performance guaranteed.

Applications of the Product
Some of the best applications of HIR Heat X incorporate,
1. Application on RCC Terrace and normal Terrace.
2. It can be used in air-conditioned buildings.
3. Coated sheet is also suited for the application of the product.
4. It can be applied on balconies and other cemented sheets.
5. One of the applications include over galvanized sheets.

Application (sandwich structure only)
Interior and exterior wall
Aluminium, wood, steel, iron, etc
Tiles or china mosaic
Coverage :
300 sq. ft/ 10liter /120 microns/ 2 coats*
Colour :
White and customizable
Pack :
10 liter / 20 liter


Aesthetic Look

Hairline Cracks Repair-No Extra Treatment

Light Weight-Good For Any Construction

UV Stable-Better Performance

Waterproof-More Life

Temperature Reduction