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HIR Diamond + (Plus)

One concern that troubles every homemaker Is the core strength and comfort in a house. Have you ever imagined what makes a Home a good home? Well, it is the material used in its construction and the technology implemented. One such technology that is required by every home is advanced waterproofing. Nobody wants a Home leakage soon after the construction. In such a situation, a home needs advanced high-tech quality and a long-lasting waterproofing system. The HIR waterproofing is one of the best waterproofing systems in India. The diamond plus a variety of HIR waterproofing comes with exceptional features.

The diamond plus HIR waterproofing is an advanced mixture that is used for waterproofing concrete at the early stage of construction. This variety includes every single particle under its control. It works in a way that all the air bubbles flowing in the concrete are removed. This is beneficial in removing all the gaps and makes the concrete strongly cohesive. It means that more waterproofing, strength, and beauty is added to your home concrete. The numerous benefits of this product are that it increases durability and compressive strength. In addition to that, it increases the workability of the plaster and concrete. It strongly resists the corrosion of steel material. It effectively reduces cracks in the concrete and reduces shrinkage—one of the best waterproof mortars.

The additional features that make it extraordinary are that it leaves an aesthetic look to your home. It excellently waterproofs and leaves no air bubbles in them. It is resistant to UV rays and does not leave the concrete with cracks. It enhances the bonding and makes the concrete breathable. The self-curing ability makes it a worthy investment, and a lightweight keeps it breezy.

A highly recommended product that would set your home to a different level of beauty and strength.

Application Benefits
Smooth finish, uniform spreading
More strength and less water
Strong bonding and better finish
Dosage :
300ml in 50kg cement mixture
Colour :
Dark yellow or brown like petrol
Pack :
250 ml / 500ml / 1liter / 5liter / 10liter / 20liter


Aesthetic Look

Less Water For Curing

More Strength

Removes Air Bubbles From Mixture

Smooth Finish