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Waterproofing and the guarantee of good waterproofing or not quite sure. Getting a product is very easy today but getting the right product with the right formulations is a tricky task. To eliminate all your confusion, here is the HIR waterproofing variety called Nero coat. This waterproofing system stands out from the crowd due to its ability to impart strength and beauty simultaneously. This product has innumerable properties that would make you want to have it for your home as well.

The Nero coat waterproofing is a water-based product that has styrene-butadiene copolymer. This product has a high bonding primer. The Nero coat is applied after the super coat application for waterproofing to form a damp-proof membrane. The product increases the tensile strength to 3-4 N/mm Square. It turns to black colour after drying. The German and American formulations for preparing this product makes it last longer than usual waterproofing items. Make your home aesthetically appealing and visually charming for any visitor. But above all, make your home strong from within and leakage proof for many years to come.

Another advantage of using this waterproofing product is that it is resistant to harmful UV rays. It has a lightweight property that makes it a breathable product. It has a self-curing ability that makes the user stress free for regular repairs. It also imparts a strong bonding in the concrete or the surface of application. The anticrack property prevents any cracks or damages on the applied area. The tensile strength and waterproofing are improved multiple times. Indeed, it is one of the best HIR waterproofing product ranges for Indian homes for international feels.

Now it’s time to turn your home into a magnificent source of beauty. Get the HIR waterproofing product named Nero coat and leave a lasting impression on all the visitors.

Application (sandwich structure only)
Interior and exterior
Water tank
Tiles or china mosaic
Bathroom sunk
Coverage :
300 sq. ft/15 kg /1 mm/ 2coats*
Colour :
white or grey
Pack :
5liter + 10kg / in multiplications


Aesthetic Look

Hairline Cracks Repair-No Extra Treatment

Light Weight-Good For Any Construction

UV Stable-Better Performance

Waterproof-More Life