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A special trowel named 'Notched Trowel' has to be used for applying the tile adhesives (refer the below picture). The Notched Trowels come in various sizes, typically 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm etc.,

If we use 8mm trowel we can achieve the bed thickness of 4mm. The bed thickness usually varies from 3mm to 6mm based on the size of the tiles. Smaller the tiles lesser the bed thickness.

Trowel helps in spreading tiles adhesive uniformly and even air voids can be avoided. Move trowel in either horizontal or vertical direction instead of conventional zigzag manner to avoid void formation.

It is easy to back butter tiles using plain side of trowel.(images of tiles adhesive application correct manner and incorrect manner). Move tiles in opposite direction to that of trowelled adhesive

*Price varies depending on the production technique, print placement, product color and size, taxes, and shipping.See detailed info


Indian Technology

Epoxy grout modified with additional polymers for enhanced properties. Residential and commercial tile installations. Improved flexibility, ease of application, and resistance to staining


American Technology

A highly elastic, liquid-applied membrane that cures to form a seamless, flexible, and durable barrier. Excellent adhesion, flexibility, and resistance to chemicals and weather conditions.


German Technology

A cement-based adhesive modified with polymers for enhanced performance. Floor and wall tiles, including porcelain and natural stone. High bond strength, flexibility, and water resistance.

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