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Waterproofing is surely one of the most critical steps during home construction. Skipping on waterproofing is not a very wise idea. It is so due to the future chances of leakage at certain critical and delicate spots of your home. Therefore, you need a product that makes your home strong from within. Go for those products that are highly advanced and of international standards. One such Indian product that is ideal for waterproofing is the HIR waterproofing SBR bond.

The SBR bond by HIR waterproofing is an amazing acrylic-based liquid used for waterproofing and repairing concrete. This product imparts a strong bond between the new and the old plaster. It is very suitable for concrete and every cement base repair. It certainly improves flexibility, tensile strength, and elasticity. This product is a very user-friendly item that can be handled by any person. The non-toxic ingredients make it suitable for the surroundings. It smoothly inhibits cracks and improves surface hardening. It also aids in limiting the wearing and tearing away of the surfaces. It also controls dust production. It is highly efficient in reducing susceptibility to acidic and grease-based compounds.

The additional advantage of using the SBR bond is that it is resistant to UV rays. It prevents any cracks in the concrete. In fact, it improves the bonding by removing every single air bubble. It certainly aids in waterproofing the buildings. It leaves an aesthetic look along with imparting immense amounts of strength. It has self-curing properties that make you worry less about re-repairing. An excellent source for investment since the product is very lightweight and does not add any burden.

Waterproofing products like SBR bonds are unmatchable to any other product in the market. So if you’re looking towards repairs and waterproofing, you can undoubtedly go for this one.

Application Benefits
Terrace flooring
Additive in cement grout
Additive in paints and putty
China mosaic
Waterproofing slurry
Dosage :
as per table chart below
Colour :
Pack :
250 ml / 500ml / 1liter / 5liter / 10liter / 20liter


Aesthetic Look


Less Water For Curing Or No Curing

More Strength

Smooth Finish

Uv Resistant Give Stability On Long Term