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The biggest flaw is that the perfect home can have infinite gaps and joints at critical locations. These gaps are definitely a drawback for your home. A product that can fill these gaps and also strengthen the core is a must. For a situation like this, a well-formulated and robust sealant is required. A versatile product that ensures the safety of your valuable property is the HIR sealant.

The high-performing HIR sealant comes with unique properties. It is manufactured using modified polymers that fill the joints clearly. It also imparts the property of strength, adding to the strong bond. The flexibility and elongation property of this sealant nicely accommodates the cracks and the joints in RCC. You can also seal the leaks on terraces. It imparts water resistance to the applied surface along with an aesthetic appeal. It possesses a great capacity to absorb vibrations and jerks coming from elevators and low vibration sources.

1. Non-Toxic: While being UV resistant, the HIR Sealant is fully non-toxic. It has superior adhesion and works perfectly for ready to use single components.

2. Strength and Breathability: The HIR Sealant is highly flexural and offers tensile strength to further help you get rid of scaling and peeling. This paste is based on ideal technology that works better than other outdated methods to repair cracks.

3. Paintable & Better Elongation: Sealant by HIR gives greater elongation and besides that, its versatility makes it paintable. No matter what colour paint you have, the filling paste will take care of it.

Application of the Product
The sealant is used to fill the gap in joints, both internal and external joints of 3mm to 25mm. It can be applied on RCC, wood, metal, tiles, marble, stone, steel, and similar other materials. The additional advantage of this amazing HIR sealant is that it replaces silicon. It is resistant to UV rays and water. It can strongly withstand changes in weather. The elastomeric property allows it to fill the gaps nicely. The capacity to absorb low vibration makes it a very unique product. You can seal the floor, balcony, window and door frames, lifts, walls, and any other corner of your home. A multipurpose product that strengthens the life of your building. Your home can become extra strong and secure with this HIR sealant that can accommodate all the cracks in your home. So sit back, relax, and get this product for a leakage-free home.

Application (sandwich structure only)
Interior and exterior wall
Aluminium, wood, steel, iron, etc
Tiles or china mosaic
Coverage :
Colour :
White and paintable,
if minimum quantity is 300 kgs we can customize colour
Pack :
1kg / Bulk packing if required


Aesthetic Look

Hairline Cracks Repair-No Extra Treatment

Light Weight-Good For Any Construction

UV Stable-Better Performance

Waterproof-More Life