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HIR brings one of the best products for paint protection. The HIR Shield offers a white as well as a customizable coloured exterior membrane for your walls. It’s quite like a paint to be applied on our HIR Damp X product. This Shield suits the water-proofing of exterior walls. The customizing on the HIR Shield is done through acrylic tubes. Its exceptional characteristic includes anti-algae and anti-dust properties.

The sheen and shine attain absolute bonding through this HIR Shield. The product acts as the absolute solution for all kinds of weather protection needs for your exterior walls while boasting some of the best elongation features. The product is absolutely UV-resistant and further has a lightweight effect.

1. Extensive Build Coating : The HIR Shield delivers a superior coating that helps to resist the ingression of water.

2. Flexibility : The shield has a paint-like texture, which can elongate over a substantial range, so any crack like formation is taken care of on your plastered walls.

3. Carbonization-Resistant : The HIR Shield minimizes carbon dioxide along with chloride ion diffusion that would further eliminate the possibility of corrosion.

4. Applying Horizontally : HIR Shield is suited to be applied on a horizontal surface to make sure the correct implementation of waterproofing is in the right ratio.

Coverage :
300 sq. ft/ 10liter /120 microns/ 2 coats*
Colour :
White and customizable
Pack :
10 liter / 20 liter


Aesthetic Look

Hairline Cracks Repair-No Extra Treatment

Light Weight-Good For Any Construction

Uv Stable-Better Performance

Waterproof-More Life

Shiny Surface

Anti-Dust Pickup Property