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You might think that involving international standard products might not be feasible in India. But that’s not true. The HIR waterproofing product range is an absolute delight. These products are not only great but possess extraordinary capabilities. The super coat waterproofing by HIR has immense potential to make your home international. Many users who have taken advantage of this product are satisfied and recommend it to the new investors to this date.

The super coat waterproofing is a unique formula that includes a polymer-based system. This system includes cement and emulsion that is derived from German technology. This technology has been proved to be the best for waterproofing results. It is surprising to know that the product has passed the global migration test for portable water laid down in the US. The light and breathable membrane have excellent properties to resist water vapour passing through it. This light membrane is also resistant to carbon dioxide diffusion. It offers resistance to chloride-ion penetration as well. The dry time is usually 120 minutes—a highly recommended product for sustenance and security.

The super coat’s additional benefits are that it has a great waterproofing property that entraps any air bubbles present in the concrete. It gives an immense increase in strength and enhances the bonding. The anticrack properties make it a long-lasting investment. The self-curing property is something very unique. The international standards are followed in the preparation of this product. It has passed several tests and has left the customer satisfied. The German technology at such an affordable price makes it a worthy investment by the Indian homemakers.

So stop thinking and start acting. The best waterproofing product awaits you for building the home of your dreams. Invest in the rightful product and enjoy a lifetime of satisfaction.

Application Benefits
Interior and exterior
Water tank
Tiles or china mosaic
Bathroom sunk
Coverage :
300 sq. ft/15 kg /1 mm/ 2coats*
Colour :
white or grey
Pack :
5liter + 10kg / in multiplications


Aesthetic Look

Hairline Cracks Repair-No Extra Treatment

Light Weight-Good For Any Construction

UV Stable-Better Performance

Waterproof-More Life