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Water Proofing

Waterproofing is one of the trickiest home building steps. It is hard to get right, adversely expensive if you get this wrong. This is why employing the right waterproofing chemical is essential for anyone who is getting their home constructed. However, buying top-quality doesn’t have to be expensive. And HIR Industries have made this possible! Our safe and reliable product range is perfect for adding a layer of protection against water in all stages of building. We have perfected each of our products to get you the best results.

More About HIR Waterproofing Range

Being a leading Construction Chemical provider in India, HIR Industries has emerged as a reliable name in this domain. Our products are made from the finest American and German technology, making them stand out. At HIR, we understand that water damage can weaken the structure from its roots.

Water seepage can also spoil the aesthetic appeal of the design. Therefore, it requires detailed planning and a thoughtful approach to ensure that the structure stays safe for years to come. HIR Waterproofing products are better than other products as they have the following features:

  • No creation of Air Bubbles
  • Crack Resistant Formula
  • Protection against UV Rays
  • Self-curing Technology
  • Very Light-weight
  • Renders great Aesthetic Look
  • Strong & Lasting Bonding Chemical
  • A Breathable Waterproofing product

The HIR waterproofing range is unique product in itself. It has shown great performance in terms of water resistance and strong adhesion to any surface. One can call it “the waterproofing master” without a speck of doubt. The advanced performance of the HIR waterproofing range comes from internationally derived formulas. It’s absolutely true! Now India has the chance to implement the use of upgraded quality material into their dream homes. Buy it for guaranteed success of waterproofing.

Keep your home leakage and moisture free with this HIR building master product.
Do not wait for the perfect time to buy this waterproofing system—an advanced and technologically relevant item, ready to outshine your home. Get the product and strengthen your home from within.