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Why us ? HIR team dedicate

01. Quality Materials

At HIR, we manufacture exellent quality tiles adhesives, epoxy grout and waterproofing products and paints using German-American-Japanese Technology

02. Expert Team

HIR Expert Team help you in your construction process to choose the right material as per requirement and encourage right method of product application.

03. Timely Delivery

Our manufacturing unit is highly equipped with technology to produce consistent quality and timely delivery of material for worrless construction process.

04. 24/7 Suport

If you require any help regarding product selection, application process, knowledge about products or any other queries we are just call away.

1800 57 22779

05. Innovative Products

HIR team studied various problems in construction industries and have developed products that is solution to these problems. We don’t sell products but HIR delivers products that give solutions to existing problems in construction industry.

06. Trust

HIR team believes in developing trust and team. We have network of trustful distributors. Their motoo is to help customers built strong, beautiful and waterproof dream construction.

07. Knowledge

Only by manufacturing quality and innovative products do not solves the problem. HIR take a step further to educate and share knowledge of product to Construction Industry to build it right.

08. Netwrok

HIR aims to excel its service PAN India through distributor channel and help build quality construction that becomes Landmark of the Area. We welcome you to HIR Family.

HIR Cares For Your Dream Construction




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