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Back Tile Primer

How does HIR Tile Primer work?

Back Tile Primer from HIR will also:

  • It acts as binder between tiles, marbles, granites and tiles glue or adhesive.
  • No waiting period like other products of 24 hours. Apply Back Tile Primer on the back surface of tiles, marbles,
  • granites and just wait for 5 minutes to touch dry the product and apply tiles adhesive
  • It will stop the substrate from soaking the water, means it waterproof the applied surface. This inhibit the water
  • absorption in natural marble.
  • Special single component composition, easy to use.
  • Foster stronger tile-surface bonding by providing a more substantial base.
Features of HIR Back Tile Primer
Made in a cutting-edge production facility, we have employed hi-tech machines to produce this product. It is a
unique item in our “Out of the Box” collection!
Why? Our Back Tile Primer offers the following benefits:
  • Water-Resistant Layer; to safeguard the surface against water absorption
  • Enhance the strength of tiles adhesive
  • No need to wait for 24 hours. Just 5 minutes after application of the Back Tile Primer one can fix using tiles adhesive.
  • Eco-Friendly product with Longer Life
  • Effective on multiple Application Areas like Italian Marbles, tiles and granites
  • Japan & German Technology
  • It Can be used on Marble Framing, Granite Framing
The product also has a short 5min waiting period, as mentoned which is way more efficient than other products
that require 24hrs. It also strengthens the cement or adhesive and can be used on all types of low absorption
surfaces like:
HIR Back Tile Primer
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