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A home is a forever place to do well and enjoy. Having the perfect home is a dream of many, but very few realize it in real life. The most significant credit goes to the thinking capacity of a homemaker. They invest enormous amounts of time, energy and intelligence in compiling the right products in home construction. The HIR base coat waterproofing system is one of a kind product that would leave your home safe and leakage-free for years. The uniqueness of this product comes from the advanced high-tech formula used in the preparation of it.

The HIR base coat is made from a polymer used as a base chemical that is applied before the super coat waterproofing. This product firmly adheres to a surface and improves the bonding between the substances. It leaves the surface very smooth for the application of coatings on top. The base coat is a global primer for every concrete or cement surface. It can also be used on tiles and steel surfaces. It comes in white colour with a maximum dry time of 15 minutes. It improves the tensile strength immensely and is compatible with almost any hard surface.

The HIR waterproofing features present in the HIR Base Coat includes anti-cracking properties. It also possesses resistance to harmful UV rays. The extensive waterproofing provided by it leaves no air bubbles in between the material. A very breathable and lightweight product that keeps you stress-free. The self-curing ability makes it a must-have investment for your home. It certainly improves the bonding and leaves your home appealing.

So, what are you waiting for? This HIR waterproofing base coat could be a lifesaver for your home. Invest in a product that is made from international formulations. It is bound to leave everyone surprised by this strong surface and healing properties.

Application Benefits
Interior and exterior
Water tank
Tiles or china mosaic
Bathroom sunk
Coverage :
250 sq. ft/5 liter /100 microns/ 2coats*
Colour :
Pack :
5liter / 10liter / 20liter


Aesthetic Look

Hairline Cracks Repair-No Extra Treatment

Light Weight-Good For Any Construction

UV Stable-Better Performance

Waterproof-More Life