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Gamma Adhesive

Your home and offices are not merely a collection of bricks and stones. It is the combination of beauty and strength as well. Constructing a home is not an easy job. It takes a lot of time, energy, and investment to create the ideal space. Important components such as ceramics and tiles beautify the exterior of your home. What makes the interior beautiful is the strength. It only comes from using good quality ingredients and materials. Fixing the tiles on the walls and floors might appear to be easy, but it is not so. It requires professional expertise as well as the perfect surface adhesive to attach the tiles.

HIR provides a range of stunning home beautification products that gives immense strength to your beautiful home. The tile adhesive called gamma is the latest addition to the list. It comes in two colours, grey and white. This product lends its strength on the surface of attachment—a very easy to use a product that allows the user to fix the tiles conveniently. A 20 KG pack is fit for fixing the home tiles in different areas. It offers a coverage of 0.52kg/Sq.Mtr/mm thickness. It leaves a shiny smooth finish on the surface.

Gamma tiles adhesive possesses multiple characteristics that make it a must-have product during home finishing. It is manufactured with 100% silica-based mortar. It is absolutely unbelievable that German and American technology are used in India. It quickly heals and hardens the tiles on the surface. It does not require any additional ingredients or inputs. The fix the tiles on your home floor are worth watching. Interestingly, you can cut short the cost of labour.

Your personal space should be the most comfortable and visually attractive. The gamma tile adhesive leaves no stone unturned into creating that perfect place for you.

Application Recommended Size
Tile on tile
Any Size 800x800mm, 1000x1000mm, 1200x2400mm
Tiles on Floor
Any Size 800x800mm, 1000x1000mm, 1200x2400mm
Tiles on Wall
600X1200 Vitrified Tiles
Cement and Plaster
0.52 Kg/Sq.Ft/3mm Thickness*
Grey & White