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At HIR, we know that dampness can lead to the build-up of bacteria and molds. This suggests the development of an unhealthy environment in your house. Your house’s walls will become smelly, unsightly and can certainly give rise to damage on the paint, plaster and other finishes of the construction. Damp issues are found all over the building, whether it’s walls, roofs, windows, or floors.

The HIR SaltX helps you get rid of this condition. SaltX is suited to be deployed on bricks across the damp area after the removal of the plaster. It is applied to the place where water is absorbed and further imposes damage on the paint. It’s a special coating that prevents the build-up of efflorescence primer that further averts the gathering of salt on the wall.

Features of HIR SaltX
The product has several features perfectly integrated to make it standardized and effective.
1. HIR SaltX uses superior alkali that supports efflorescence resistance for the damped walls. 2. The product possesses physical restrictions on water transport.
3. Furthermore, its features include imposing a roadblock on the process of salt migration, further acting as a chemical barrier.
4. One of the most significant traits of our HIR SaltX is its premium substrate penetration. While having all these features, HIR SaltX also has a top coat of adhesion.

Application of the Product
There are several applications of HIR SaltX, however, its major utility remains to get rid of dampness in the walls. Some of the exceptional utilities include filling of rack joints and other gaps found on areas like windows, concrete slabs, doors, tiles, masonry surface glass, pipes and many more spaces and places. HIR SaltX is specifically useful for interior locations that are already getting damaged through seepage. With greater emphasis on quality, we at HIR have engineered this HIR SaltX product to overcome the issue of dampness and efflorescence. Further, HIR offers HIR SBR to make your waterproofing complete.

Application (sandwich structure only)
Plastered healthy wall
Aluminium, wood, steel, iron, etc
Coverage :
600 sq. ft/10 liter/90microns/2coats* non porous surface
Reduces for porous surfaces to 300 sq. ft/10 liter/2coats*
Colour :
White and after curing transparent
Pack :
5liter /10 liter


Aesthetic Look

Hairline Cracks Repair-No Extra Treatment

Light Weight-Good For Any Construction

UV Stable-Better Performance

Waterproof-More Life