How to Choose the Right Tile Adhesive

Which is best tiles adhesive or glue to fix tile, granite, marble, ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles?
Are you confused with selection of right tiles adhesive for fixing selected tiles, granite or Italian marble?

Do you want to reconfirm before choosing tiles adhesive or glue suggested by retailer or architect or engineer or contractor or applicator. Selection of right adhesive or glue is important while fixing large format tiles, marble, granite or Italian.

Wrong selection or low quality adhesive may lead to bond failure, falling of tile, marble or granite. An International Standard Organisation has categories adhesive or glue depending upon strength, flexibility, final strength, slip resistance and cement.

Note: Along with quality of adhesive or glue, surface of application should be good, proper surface preparation should be done and right method of product application.

Here are the grades or category of tiles adhesive or glue based on ISO test reports and their suggested usage.

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C1T grade of tiles adhesive or glue is used for flooring purpose and fixing small ceramic wall tiles 12 inch x 12 inch

HIR product: No product in this category

C1TE grade of tile adhesive is use for fixing ceramic, porceline, vitrified tiles of size 600x600mm and smaller both interior and exterior.

HIR product: Alpha is suggested

C2TE grade of tile adhesive is use for fixing porcelain tiles and vitrified tiles of size 600×1200 on wall, and small size marble and granite window framing both interior and exterior.

HIR product: Beta is suggested

Improved C2TE grade of tile adhesive is use for fixing vitrified tiles of 600×1200 on wall above the height 12ft and marble and granite door/window framing both interior and exterior laying and fixing of tiles, marble, granite, stone.

HIR product: Gamma is suggested

C2TES1 grade of tile adhesives formulated especially to fix large for Italian marble, tiles, granite, etc on wall, floor and framing. It can be used for interior or exterior laying or fixing of tiles, marble, granite, stone.

HIR product: Delta is suggested

C2TES2 grade of tiles adhesive use for fixing in vibration sensitive areas like lift, office cabins in production units, hospitals, etc. The deformation of such adhesives are >5mm so vibrations can be absorbed and provides better bonding. No water is need in such adhesives generally. It is two part cement based product and liquid is provided along with product to mix. Faster setting and more strength.

HIR product: Delta + (plus) is suggested

R2FT adhesives or glue are 2 part system and applied not more than 2mm thickness on surfaces. It can be used to fix any material to any surface. One can fix tiles on wood, or glass on wall, even steel sheets, pvc sheets and acrylic sheets can be fixed on any surface.

It cannot be used on Styrofoam that is Thermocol. Due to exothermic reaction it emits heat that can damage thermocol. Thermocol itself is weak substrate. 

HIR product: Flexi+ (plus) is suggested

HIR products are made using German and American technology and India’s 1st 100% silica based products.


1. Before application of any tiles adhesive makes sure surface is clean, free of moisture, dirt, weak plaster, grease or any such material that can effect bonding.

2. Tiles, granite, marble, Italian, etc should be clean both the side specially back surface.

3. Ceramic or porcelain should be treated with water as they absorbs more water.

4. Plastered surface should be at least 6 weeks old and properly cured with water to achieve better strength.

5. Take proper ratio of water in making tiles adhesive.

6. It is advice to use mixture machine to mix adhesive or glue.

7. Use as per adhesive or glue as per company direction and within time limit of pot life of product.

This blog is written to help and guide in selecting right tiles adhesive or glue for laying or fixing tiles, granites, marbles, Italian. Customer can take trials to confirm the quality and result at their end.

Feel free to ask questions and suggestions are welcome.

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